About Us

Who We Are
When we first became parents, we were dismayed at the choices before us. Suddenly it felt as though choosing the best products meant we had to throw out our sense of style.

That had to change.

Our innovative, easy to use, fun products are safe and savvy. While we can’t make your little ones sleep more we can make sure your style takes center stage instead of the bags under your eyes.

We get it, the little one’s needs come first but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personality in the process. We take all your baby’s needs and yours as a new parent into account without sacrificing the sense of style you’ve always had.

With 9 Rabbits products you no longer have to decide between functionality and style. You can have them both.

Our Beginnings
9 Rabbits began with two moms sharing their frustrations over bulky unstylish pink baby bags that were impossible to clean or keep organized. That day, sitting in a coffee shop, iced coffees and baby strollers beside them they began to write out everything they missed about their former pre-baby fashion and started wondering if it were possible to have the best of both worlds.

For the next few months they would meet, sketch, and dream. They found a third mom to bring on board who knew how to take these sketches and transform them into functional pieces. Soon the three of them were traveling in style, everywhere they went other moms took notice and were asking where to get these beautiful bags.

Suddenly 9 Rabbits was born!

Meet The Team
Nancy – Fashion Forward Mom turned Co-Founder and CEO of 9 Rabbits. With a background in business management and a love for fashion, Nancy was on the hunt to toss the dumpy diaper bag and create a savvy world for fashionista moms like her.

Jennifer – Has always had one foot in the fashion world as the Co-Founder and Designer for 9 Rabbits products. She left the fashion world to stay at home with her newborn twins but discovered a market and a need she couldn’t ignore.

Susan – The third one to join 9 Rabbits is a Master Seamstress. She was the friend Nancy and Jennifer recruited to implement their ideas. You’ll find a little of her own flare in each specially designed product. A grandmother who has raised 5 beautiful children into adulthood, she is always on the lookout to bless her own children and their friends. Her favorite thing to remind all of us here at 9 Rabbits is that “life should be enjoyed in every moment and each small detail matters.”

Fashion & Function Are Possible
9 Rabbits is a fashion forward company with children at the heart of everything we do. Fueled by our love for our own kids and our love of fashion we have created a company to challenge and rewrite the rules of “new parent” fashion. By giving you access to functionality and style, we’re changing the look of parenting and revolutionizing the fashion market in the process. You don’t have to give up style for functionality. It is possible to be a fashionista parent.

Connect With Us
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