The Ultimate Diaper Size Chart That You Can’t Live Without

It sounds simple enough, your baby needs some diapers, so, you go to the store and pick up a box, the only problem is which box do you pick up?

True story, my youngest son was about two-years-old when I realized we had almost run out of diapers. My husband was kind enough to swing by the store and pick up a box of size-two diapers. Let me stop my story here, if you don’t see what is wrong with this picture, then you definitely need to keep on reading.

My husband was under the impression that the number on the box of diapers was the same as the age of our child, not the case at all. So, how are you supposed to know what diaper size is right for your baby? Well, I’m glad you asked.

How to Buy the Right Diaper Size for Your Baby

Know What Stage Your Baby Is In

One of the great things about diaper companies is that they have created diapers according to the stage your baby is in. Let’s take a look at two of the major diaper brands on the market today, Pampers® and Huggies®.


Pampers® divide their diapers sizes into three stages. Each stage is then broken up into two categories. The first stage is for newborns and is identified with the Swaddlers category. Then, there is the baby stage, which is then divided up into either Swaddlers or Cruisers.

Finally, the last stage is the toddler stage, here, your baby can continue to use the Cruisers diapers before moving on to the Pull-Up category; the latter will be used when you will begin the work of potty-training your toddler. You can also purchase specialized overnight diapers, or even Splashers, which are diapers made specific for swimming.


Huggies® divides their diaper sizes into more categories. These categories include Little Snugglers, Little Snugglers Plus, Little Movers, Little Movers Plus, Little Movers Diaper Pants, and Snug & Dry. They too also have specialized overnight diapers as well as swimming diapers.

This is your first clue as to what box of diapers to pick up, but I hear you asking “what about the numbers? What do they mean?”

Know Your Baby’s Weight and Her Number

The numbers on the box of diapers are meant to help you easily identify which stage your baby or toddler is in. By knowing this you can just quickly grab a box based on the number you see, making it easier to identify and continue with the rest of your shopping.

The Diaper Size Number for Pampers®

To identify which number your baby is in on a Pampers’® Diaper box you will need to know how much your little one weights. As promised, the following Pampers® diaper sizes’ guide is shown in pounds and is to be read as follows:

Your child will either be less than the weight showing, fits in between the two weights posted, or is greater than the weight displayed and doesn’t quite fit into the next weight size yet.

pampers diaper chart

The Diaper Size Number for Huggies®

With the Huggies® brand, the number on the box is similar as above but just be sure to look closely at the weight description. Both diaper size charts will also give you an estimate of how many diapers you should expect to use at each stage of your growing baby’s life.  

If you would like to compare the two major brands, as well as a third brand that is made by the same company that does Pampers®, look at the chart below to give you a better perspective. 

Pampers/ Huggies/ Luvs Comparison Chart

Other Tips and Hints

Take it from me, having an idea of what diaper you plan to use when your baby comes is great, but it doesn’t always work out the way you planned (pretty much like all experiences in caring for your baby). Here are some more things to think about when decoding your baby’s diaper size and diaper choice.

Moving on Up

Although the diaper size charts are a huge help, unfortunately not every baby fits exactly into their matching sized diaper. Sometimes, you will need to move a size up even if your baby isn’t in that weight category yet. Here are some great tips to know if your baby is ready to move up to a larger size.

Deciding on a Brand

When our first son was born, my husband and I were just happy to have some diapers on hand to handle the endless stream of dirty bums. We learned, as all parents do, that sometimes one brand does not work as well as others at different stages or times of the day.

We chose one brand to cover the long nights, but another brand during the day because it was less expensive. Then, when our second son came along we discovered that he had sensitive skin and would break out in a rash, so once again we had to find a brand that worked best for him.

It’s best to be prepared and do your research before your baby enters the world, that way if you need to change, and fast, you won’t have to spend the extra time worrying about it, you’ll just know what to do.


If you do decide to cover your baby’s bum in one of the two major brands on the market, there are some great rewards that you can collect. These rewards are collected from the brand’s baby products you buy and are easily scanned into your phone or entered in on your computer.

Pampers® rewards require that you create an account, then scan in-pack codes using their app to collect points. You will even receive bonus points when you join and scan in your first bag of diapers. If you have more questions you can view their FAQ’s page.

Huggies® rewards system requires that you sign up in the same manner and use their app to collect points on purchases of their products. You can even earn extra reward points by taking surveys, sharing news about their products on social media sites, and more. If you have more questions look at their FAQ’s page. 

Trust the Guides

As a mom who has been through it all; not knowing what diaper size to buy, to buying the wrong size, to having to change brands to suit my baby’s needs, I’ve been through it all. I trust that this list helps you when trying to decide on the right diaper for your little one.

I also hope that our diaper size chart helps you and any fellow parents you know who may need help trying to figure it all out. If you found this article helpful please share it with other parents who may need some questions answered and don’t be afraid to share your comments with us below!