The Top 6 Pregnancy Life Hacks (#5 is Essential)

There are a lot of things you don’t find out about carrying a baby until you are already belly deep into your pregnancy. Talking to experienced friends helps, but baby brain often sets in and hacks that pregnant women learned often gets forgotten about after the baby comes.

Having a collective spot that you can go to in order to find all the best pregnancy hacks is important to help ensure that you have the smoothest experience possible. Let’s delve into the world of pregnancy and how you can make it through with minimal pain.

Our Top 6 Pregnancy Hacks

1. Save Money on Pregnancy Clothes

With those first few months of pregnancy, it can be tempting to go out and buy an entire store’s worth of clothes. Then when you get home and see the bill you’ll be wondering how will you be able to afford to keep the baby and the clothes.

Buy only what you need and not what you the stores make you think you need. Things like maternity bras or underwear are expensive and unnecessary, buy a bra-back extender as Buzzfeed suggests, which will save you a lot of money in the end.

Spending over 2 hundred dollars on a winter jacket, hold up, how long will you actually be pregnant during the winter? If your baby is due at the end of December or early January, you probably don’t need a winter jacket.

Keep in mind that babies are like a little furnace inside of you and most of the time you will be complaining how hot you are, even when it’s freezing cold outside. Yes, you want to keep you and the baby warm, but unless you spend a considerable amount of time outside you can forgo the expensive jacket. has 5 ways you can make your ordinary pants still work for you during your pregnancy. These include elastic bands, belly bands and waist extenders, all great ways to save money for the more important things you will need.  

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2. Handle Morning Sickness (Or Everyday Sickness) Like a Pro

If I am being honest, pregnancy sickness is definitively one of the worst symptoms you can possibly face during your pregnancy. Not only can it happen at any time of the day, despite its “morning” implication, but the aversion to food can make you just feel plain crappy.

Buzzfeed has a great tip on freezing electrolyte solution as a great pregnancy life hack. Not only does this help replenish lost electrolytes from frequent vomiting, but it also will help the mommy-to-be stay hydrated.

The unfortunate conundrum with morning sickness is that it is worse on an empty stomach, yet how can you avoid an empty stomach when your body doesn’t want to keep anything down? Saltine crackers are also a helpful food to keep by the side of your bed, nibble on a few before you even sit up to prevent your stomach from getting queasy.

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I also found that chewing gum helped to trick the brain into thinking I had had food, even if I didn’t; plus, the mint flavor helped to ease the queasiness going through my body.

3. Relieve Heartburn in a Natural and Effective Way

After you do get over the inability to eat, you will have the lovely pleasure of everything giving you heartburn. There is the belief that the more hair your baby has the more heartburn you will receive, I believe it, my first son came out with a full head of hair and I had constant heartburn.

To alleviate indigestion in a natural way, that doesn’t involve continually popping antacids which don’t last as long, take a look at which suggests ingesting apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, ginger tea, to name a few.

4. Sleep Like a Pregnant Woman

As your belly gets bigger it becomes harder to actually get a good night’s rest, especially in the same way you always did before. The key is to sleep like a pregnant woman, if you always slept on your stomach you need some help if you continue to do so; BuzzFeed suggests using an inner tube.

Body pillows are also very common, and not only suggests these for pregnant women having a hard time sleeping but also offers their top 7 picks.

Finally, if the time comes and sleeping horizontal just won’t do anymore, because sometimes the pressure can just be too much on your back, stomach, or your joints, try sleeping vertically in a recliner chair to help alleviate the pain and pressure.

5. Go on a Date … with Yourself

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It may sound silly, but once that baby comes out of you, having a moment to yourself swiftly becomes an act of the past. Not only does your identity as a pregnant woman change, but so too soon will your identity change again when you become a mom. suggests a few things to do for yourself, including time spent with the hubby, friends and getting your hair done. The most important thing, however, is to take a moment to check in with yourself doing something you love, just you, no compromises. Once the baby comes, you will have no end of compromises.

6. Fill up Your Freezer with Food

When the time comes and your baby comes out your time is going to be spent recovering, taking care of your baby, and possibly other members of your family. Finding the time to cook in the first few weeks postpartum is not realistic.

If you like to cook, take the time to double up a few recipes while you can and freeze them. If cooking isn’t your forte, try a dinner service that will deliver meals to your place, this even works during the last couple of weeks of pregnancy when you are feeling like you are about to pop. has a list of companies that will deliver foods and meals directly to your home. Some offer ingredients and instructions on how to cook the food, while others simply send you warm-cooked meals; the choice is yours.

Take it All in Stride

Pregnancy is one of those strange parts of life that seems to go by quickly and slowly at the same time. During the tough moments, it seems to last forever, which is why the pregnancy life hacks are a blessing to have at the ready.

When it’s all over, you will wonder where the time went and maybe even be a little nostalgic that that special time has passed. Our list was created to help you get through the tough times and to help you enjoy the good times, like the first time you feel your baby kick inside of you.

We hope you learned some great tips from our list that you can use on your journey to parenthood. Do you have some great pregnancy hacks that we forgot? Feel free to share them with us and share our list with other expectant mothers and fathers you may know.